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FAME Boxing is a 50-minute full body high intensity interval training workout that combines strength training with the benefits of boxing and the powerful platform of group fitness. It’s a sweat dripping workout that will get you in the shape of your life.

Our studio music pumps custom playlists from all genres and creates an atmosphere that empowers you to feel positive and confident and is inclusive for all skill levels.

Led by the best trainers who will motivate, push and coach you to unlock the true fighter that exists in all of us.

Wrap up, Glove up and let the rhythm boost your energy.

It’s YOU vs YOU!

FAME Boxing


Our workout is FUN, BADASS, ELECTRIFYING. 2x2 Rounds. Zero Experience Necessary.

We start with a shadow boxing session where we will explain the six basic punches to make sure everybody knows what's about to happen.

Then we have a few minutes of intense group warm up followed by the core of our workout: 2x2 rounds. 

You’ll spend 2 x 10 minutes pounding our water-filled bags and throwing combos defined by our coaches. Simple enough to follow but will still make you feel like a pro.

The other part of the training will be 2 x 10 minutes of strength and bodyweight exercises.

The workout is finished off by a cooldown and streching session.

At all times the music is jamming, the lights are sexy, and the vibe is 100% supportive.



At FAME Boxing, the safety of our guests and team members is our top priority. With that in mind, we want to share with you some proactive measures we are undertaking in light of the growing concern around COVID-19.

We operate in strict compliance with all government regulations and industry leading health and safety standards. Our studio durrently operates under the 2G rule. Please always bring the following to class:

- Valid Green Pass 2G (vaccination or recovery)
- valid ID

Please note that there will be no class participation if the required documents above can not be provided.

We offer hand sanitizer and check the temperature of every customer upon arrival. All our staff and customers are required to wear a face mask in the locker rooms and reception area. We keep 1.5 meter distance between the bags and operate our ventilation system on the highest level to ensure maximum air replacement in the studio. Also, we installed floor markings to ensure everybody remains within their individual training spot and equipment is not shared. Our rental gloves are desinfected inside and outside after every use and are hung to dry and air for two days before being reused.

Our hard working team is increasing the frequency of hand washing and disinfecting common surfaces, such as door handles, bags, equipment, lockers, etc. throughout the day.

We will continue to stay on top of updates and follow all protocols suggested by the Austrian government, whilst ensuring we are going above and beyond to serve and look after you, our customers, always.

FAME Boxing

Our Location:

Stubenring 6, 1010 Vienna